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Welcome to BC Hospitality Groups portal for ordering carcare services through EasyCarCare. The offers on this page are only for employees of BC Hospitality Group.
EasyCarCare’s concept is “CarCare where you are”.

EasyCarCare will be on the premises every second thursday in the month from 08.00 til 12.30 and service your car according to your wishes. We do car wash, wheel change, and other selected services. You will get an overview of our services and when we are there, when you click the order button.

To order a service you simply just need to click on the “Order” button, choose the service you want, choose the prefered date and fill out the order form. Out of consideration to our planning we urge you, if possible, to book the earliest available time slot.

Enter your licence plate number and press “Order”. If you are or previously have been a customer with us, we will automatically extract your customer data and pre-fill the order form. Its never been easier.

Practical: You only need to leave your car key at the reception with an indication of where the car is parked.

When we are finished with all the cars we will deliver all keys back to the reception. If you need your car before that, you are welcome to get the key directly from one of our workers.